Triple Deluxe Flavors

I can make any flavor you can think of – these are the ones most often asked about. Triple Deluxe Flavors can be made in any of the sizes listed on this site.

Grandma’s Caramel Apple

Old-fashioned Apple Pie Cake frosted with our Caramel Buttercream and topped with Streusel


A Yummy Tequila cake with lime frosting sprinkled with salt

Pink Champagne

A soft and delicate Pink Champagne cake topped with Champagne frosting and pink nonpareils

Tipsy Cake

A moist Chocolate cake made with seasonal stout and topped with whipped Vodka frosting.

Irish Dream

A yummy Chocolate cake topped with Irish Cream frosting.

Drunken Cherry

A Chocolate stout cake topped with cherry frosting.

You don’t know Jack

A Jack Daniels cupcake with whisky ganche and frosting.

Adult Hot chocolate

A hot chocolate cake with Irish cream frosting.

Choose your favorite flavor drink and I will create a cupcake for you.

Reveal Cupcakes

Want to let your friends and family know something special – give them a cupcake with the special surprise inside.